Science Connected Magazine

At Science Connected Magazine, scientists and science communicators work together to bring you the latest scientific research in a format that everyone can read.

Through this project, we mentor science writers, offer a public platform to researchers, discuss science policy and activism, promote lifelong learning, and empower the greater public.

Science Connected Press

Our mission at Science Connected has always been to produce honest, engaging, and available science communication and literature about science for educators and lifelong learners, written by scientists and science communicators.

The organization as a whole views science as a space for growth, opportunity, community, environmental stewardship, and education—these themes tie all of our projects together.

STEM Education Resource Center

Science Connected has distributed free and affordable lab manuals for elementary school children, as well as classroom discussion guides for high school and middle school to more than 650 educators. We also partner with schools and organizations to develop custom STEM literacy resources. Our materials teach “kitchen science” using readily available materials and tools. Science literacy can be fun and interactive, so we help children enjoy learning about the science that is all around them.

Citizen Science and Environmental Research

Citizen science is an effective partnership between scientists and nonscientists that, when done well, offers benefits to the participants and beyond. It is a powerful tool for protecting our environment.

Science Connected helps to ensure that community members can access the results of research, which in turn can benefit us all. Scientists can gain valuable data, analysis, and assistance in performing high-level procedures. Community members gain essential understanding of their environments, research-based information, and increased scientific literacy. Countless species and habitats benefit from the large-scale, collective efforts that citizen science makes possible.