Science Literacy, Education, Communication

Science Connected is a volunteer-powered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in San Francisco, California. We are creating social justice by making information about scientific research freely available online so people can access and understand it.

We are a global group of educators, research scientists, and science communicators who are creating equitable education opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). We define education in its broadest sense and believe it is the key to empowering people to make informed choices, be successful members of society, and act as responsible stewards of the planet.

Science Connected values lifelong learning, conservancy, and empowering others to make informed choices to support a healthy planet. We believe that cultivating an informed citizenry is vital to democracy. We support equitable, inclusive public education and using plain language to achieve clear and effective communication.


Science Connected Magazine

Science Connected Magazine is an editorially independent, non-profit newsroom producing open-access science journalism and scientific fact-checking for the global public. We are increasing science literacy and improving public access to reliable information from research scientists and peer-reviewed journals.

Free Science Teaching Resource Giveaway

Science Connected provides free science teaching resources to parents, teachers, and schools that request them. We believe that quality science education should be accessible to every student, regardless of their income.

STEM Education Books

Check out our assortment of affordable “kitchen science” lab manuals for elementary school children, life science textbooks for middle and high school students, and anthologies for college and lifelong learners. Developing scientific literacy should be fun and interactive.

Citizen Science Connections

Citizen science is an effective partnership between scientists and nonscientists that, when done well, offers benefits to the participants and beyond. We have several free resources for you to learn more about citizen science and get involved in projects.

Science Communication

As part of our mission to spread scientific literacy, we mentor new science communicators from a wide variety of scientific fields of study. A background in journalism is not necessary to join our team as a volunteer science communicator. We provide instruction and guidance in science communication best practices. Participants practice distilling peer-reviewed research findings into an accessible format for an audience of non-experts. Writers work with editors to practice information synthesis, critical analysis, and the summarization of complex information.