Books for College and Lifelong Learners

Dig into these anthologies of the latest research being done into climate change, environmental sustainability, and ecology. Books in this collection are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for maximum effectiveness. These texts are appropriate for university undergraduate courses, but are also fantastic reads for students in college and lifelong learners who want to know what’s happing in climate and ecological research, today. Best of all, they are affordably priced and all sales help to support the ongoing programs and projects from Science Connected.

Human Impact: Our Relationship with Climate, the Environment, and Biodiversity (book cover)

Human Impact delivers 17 true tales of how humanity has changed the Earth, for better or for worse, and what we can now do to alter our impact. Aligned with Next Generation Science Standards for for grade 9-12. Also recommended for adults.

Think Globally, Garden Locally from Science Connected

Seven true stories about how people are welcoming pollinators into their gardens, growing crops without pesticides, and more. Recommended for grade 10-adult.

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